Monday, July 17, 2006

Greatest Gangster Rappers

Over the course of Hip Hop there have been rappers who always encorporate the street life throughout the lyrics. Many rappers were true to their word and made beautiful descriptions of the crime life. But then there have been other rappers who did it poorly and didn't live out to anything they ever rhymed about. Well here's my top 5 on the best rappers in the gangster sub-genre.

5) Scarface
4) 2Pac
3) Ice Cube
2) Notorious B.I.G.
1) Kool G. Rap

This is obviously just my opinion.

I don't think anyone did the gangster image in the rap game better than Kool G. Rap did. 2Pac did a good job but he like Biggie had way too many "commercial songs". Now not to be hypocritical in the same aspect with Biggie. I just feel he did a great job in his lyrics with the crime life. Ice Cube was one of the original gangster rappers and one of the founding fathers of the sub-genre. Scarface is a highly underrated rapper and is a dope gangster rapper. I mean with a name like "Scarface" what do you think he'd rhyme about?


Blogger Vman said...

Ice cube even admits to not being a gangsta, he calls himself a reporter and was going to go to college before n.w.a. My choice would be ghostface killah from the wu tang clan, classic albums and he almost makes you believe the mafioso bravado.

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