Thursday, July 20, 2006

Album Match Up

Here's a little fun idea I got off from Bol where I compare two albums and try to determine which one is better. Yes simple idea. Since this site is strictly Hip Hop I will only being doing Hip Hop albums. With the first match being:

Big Daddy Kane: Long Live the Kane vs. Boogie Down Productions: Criminal Minded

With Criminal Minded being release in '87 and Long Live the Kane released in '88. With this being said they were apart of the "Golden Age" of Hip Hop. While basically everyone who was in Hip Hop became a fan of Big Daddy Kane. BDP gained the most noise while putting out the city anthem "South Bronx". I can remember watching a video on when they first put on "South Bronx" in the Bronx. DJ Red Alert (DJ of the event) had to replay that tape 3 times in a row. If something else would come on the crowd would just yell "South Bronx, South, South Bronx. South Bronx, South, South Bronx". But that's not just it with their impact. KRS-One also write debatably one of the best diss records ever "The Bridge is Over". Dissing The Queens section for a mis-communication of KRS thinking that MC Shan said "Hip Hop started out in Queens". KRS-One pretty much tore apart Marley Marl and his crew on that track. Criminal Minded takes this one.
If I had to compare each song on the album verse each other in sequential order I would say Big Daddy Kane takes this 5-4-1. Best songs from Long Live the Kane: "Long Live the Kane" "Raw (Remix)" "Set it Off" "Ain't No Half Steppin". Criminal Minded: "Poetry" "South Bronx" "9mm Goes Bang" "The Bridge is Over".
Well Big Daddy Kane is obviously stating that he is the emperor of the rap game (everyone knew that Rakim was at the time but #1 Rakim #2 KRS-One #3 Big Daddy Kane so he's up there). With gorgeous women pampering him and basically being his property. What's there not to love? However with BDP you have one of the first "violent" album covers with KRS-One and DJ Scott La Rock (R.I.P.) loading up their clips. Both are pretty dope but since KRS had the "balls" to make it the first "violent" album cover I would say Criminal Minded takes this one.
With producers Mister Cee (For Big Daddy Kane) and DJ Scott La Rock (For Boogie Down Productions) one might say it's a pretty even match but I don't know. With beats like "Raw (Remix)" and "Ain't No Half Steppin" it's pretty hard to compare when the dopest beat on Criminal Minded (no it wasn't "Dope Beat") "South Bronx". I would say Long Live the Kane takes this one.

Okay so with all this being said we're tied 2-2. See now if you were to ask me which one I like better I would tell you Long Live the Kane but we're trying to establish facts now, not get out opinions. I would say that Criminal Minded takes this because of the messages in KRS's lyrics and the impact they made coming into the rap game. However this was a very close match up.

Well that about wraps it up for this edition of "Album Match Up" I'll leave you off with "Ain't No Half Steppin" and "The Bridge is Over"


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