Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Observations/Old School Wednesday

So I don't really have a post today. But I do have some interesting thoughts about certain rappers.

1) Jay-Z: Why is that Jay got started with a "Big" rapper for his career? He started with Big Daddy Kane, then Big L, then Biggie. Strange coincidence I see.
2) Big L: All right even though he died (terrible day). Why was is it that, he was going to drop The Big Picture in '99? His first album debuted in '95. Why did he take a 4 year hiatus? That's unsual.
3) Rakim: Even though it was only "rumored" that Rakim and Big Daddy Kane were going to have some sort of beef. Am I the only one who feels that "I Ain't No Joke" (the song rumored that was directed at BDK) would have been THE BEST DISS SONG EVER?! I mean just go and listen to that song and pretend he's talking about BDK. You'll defiantly see just how great of a diss track that "could" have been.
4) Common: If Common's '07 release Finding Forever is as good as Be was. Who here (other than me) feels that Common should defiantly get maybe some sort of recognition in the top 10? I mean no one feels that now because truth be told, he really hasn't had the biggest influence on the game. But if we're going by just straight up skills and album quality. I defiantly feel he should be in. Maybe. Haha.

Here's Two Videos (Rakim- I Ain't No Joke and a "Boondocks" (not that movie the funny cartoon) where Gin Rummy (Samuel L. Jackson) tries to explain the unknown-unkown. Yeah.)


Blogger Vman said...

I love the boondocks, it does what BET should be doing.

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