Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Future

So, in the year 2006. Hip Hop is the leading music genre in the mainstream. With Hip Hop being alive (some may say it's on "life support" these days[1] ) for over 2 decades. Legends come and go, and being that a bunch of new artists have emerged onto the scene since 2000. Let's look over the future artists in Hip Hop who will truely strive for success.

Joe Budden: Yes that's right, Jersey's own. Joe Budden. Everyone can recall Budden from the song "Pump it Up". His first album (selftitled) was critically acclaimed and did fairly well with the mainstream. At first I really didn't think much of Budden other than he was reppin' the Garden. But during his 3 year hiatus he has appeared on mixtapes and dropped new material. I, of course. Went through and checked out some of his new material and I must say. The man has defiantly elevated. A song that can really explain that is 3 Sides of a Story. I wish I could get it on here, however I have no idea how to since it doesn't have a video. But if anyone who visits this blog, has a downloading program. Should defiantly download that song and listen to the storytelling, truely a great song.

The Growth was at first supposed to come out last summer, however it was pushed back several times and is now scheduled to come out this summer. I will defiantly be checking that out and I hope all is well with Joe.

Lupe Fiasco: Ah yes, the young kid from the windy city. Is it me, or Chicago heavily slept on? I mean seriously. They're one of the few major cities to never take over the game. I mean with artists like Common, and Kanye West. That's really only what the chi-town is known for.

I'm pretty sure anyone who stays up on Hip Hop has heard the song Kick, Push. That song to me is pretty hot, and with a part II out there Kick, Push II. It's pretty hard to deny that Lupe is the kid. I also did some research on the boy and realized that he is just dope. So again if you have a downloading program (Ares, Limewire, Etc.) put in as a search "Lupe Fiasco" (under artist) and download away. I guarantee you, you'll enjoy it.

His album Food and Liquor, has been pushed back and is scheduled to come out sometime in August. I again, of course am going to pick up this album. I feel that this and Blue Collar will defiantly be the top albums of the year.

Rhymefest: Speaking of Blue Collar, here's the man who's putting out that album. Rhymefest. People may have seen the video or the song Brand New. I feel that, that song is pretty nice but. I've also downloaded some other joints that might be on his upcoming album and I've got to say. This album is going to be serious. I'm pretty sure this album has been pushed back too, but is scheduled to come out in like 2 weeks. (YES IM GOING TO PICK THIS UP!)

So yeah there are more future artists out there (T.I., Lil' Wayne, Ray Cash, ETC.) These two me are the brand new (kinda) artists that will stand the test of time.

[1]I would disagree

Here are some videos that they have released.


Blogger Vman said...

Hip Hop is on serious life support with all the garbage coming from the dirty south, somebody who says all of this and more is humanity critic.

this guy is awesome. you have to read him.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Sleep said...

Well yes you see. 1) I'm well aware of all the dirty south music coming out and supposely ruining Hip Hop. I mean in all honesty even though they're not bringing that traditional Hip Hop that us east coasters love. They're still doing their thing. In actuality, Lil' Wayne is okay, T.I. is okay, Chamillionaire is pretty nice (yes he more than just "Ridin' Dirty", UGK is dope, Scarface is dope, OutKast is dope. I could go on and on, just because a majority of their music isn't that good, doesn't mean the whole region is bad.

I mean sure you could debate that the art of emceeing has been downgraded a couple notches. But I could still name plenty of artists out there (regardless of region) who are "keeping it real".

Jadakiss, Common, Nas, Beanie Sigel, Fabolous, Ghostface Killah (+The Whole Wu-Tang Clan), The Game, Lupe Fiasco, etc. There really are so many artists out there that are still coming with that good old hip hop. Whether what style they do, it's still good hip hop. You just need to do some more research and be more open minded is all.

Also I've gone to that site you told me to go to. The man of course does know his Hip Hop. He's also a fantastic writer who should look into journalism or something one day.

Hip Hop might be somewhat fallen, but it's still breathing. Don't worry, history repeats itself.

2:38 PM  

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