Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Future

So, in the year 2006. Hip Hop is the leading music genre in the mainstream. With Hip Hop being alive (some may say it's on "life support" these days[1] ) for over 2 decades. Legends come and go, and being that a bunch of new artists have emerged onto the scene since 2000. Let's look over the future artists in Hip Hop who will truely strive for success.

Joe Budden: Yes that's right, Jersey's own. Joe Budden. Everyone can recall Budden from the song "Pump it Up". His first album (selftitled) was critically acclaimed and did fairly well with the mainstream. At first I really didn't think much of Budden other than he was reppin' the Garden. But during his 3 year hiatus he has appeared on mixtapes and dropped new material. I, of course. Went through and checked out some of his new material and I must say. The man has defiantly elevated. A song that can really explain that is 3 Sides of a Story. I wish I could get it on here, however I have no idea how to since it doesn't have a video. But if anyone who visits this blog, has a downloading program. Should defiantly download that song and listen to the storytelling, truely a great song.

The Growth was at first supposed to come out last summer, however it was pushed back several times and is now scheduled to come out this summer. I will defiantly be checking that out and I hope all is well with Joe.

Lupe Fiasco: Ah yes, the young kid from the windy city. Is it me, or Chicago heavily slept on? I mean seriously. They're one of the few major cities to never take over the game. I mean with artists like Common, and Kanye West. That's really only what the chi-town is known for.

I'm pretty sure anyone who stays up on Hip Hop has heard the song Kick, Push. That song to me is pretty hot, and with a part II out there Kick, Push II. It's pretty hard to deny that Lupe is the kid. I also did some research on the boy and realized that he is just dope. So again if you have a downloading program (Ares, Limewire, Etc.) put in as a search "Lupe Fiasco" (under artist) and download away. I guarantee you, you'll enjoy it.

His album Food and Liquor, has been pushed back and is scheduled to come out sometime in August. I again, of course am going to pick up this album. I feel that this and Blue Collar will defiantly be the top albums of the year.

Rhymefest: Speaking of Blue Collar, here's the man who's putting out that album. Rhymefest. People may have seen the video or the song Brand New. I feel that, that song is pretty nice but. I've also downloaded some other joints that might be on his upcoming album and I've got to say. This album is going to be serious. I'm pretty sure this album has been pushed back too, but is scheduled to come out in like 2 weeks. (YES IM GOING TO PICK THIS UP!)

So yeah there are more future artists out there (T.I., Lil' Wayne, Ray Cash, ETC.) These two me are the brand new (kinda) artists that will stand the test of time.

[1]I would disagree

Here are some videos that they have released.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Observations/Old School Wednesday

So I don't really have a post today. But I do have some interesting thoughts about certain rappers.

1) Jay-Z: Why is that Jay got started with a "Big" rapper for his career? He started with Big Daddy Kane, then Big L, then Biggie. Strange coincidence I see.
2) Big L: All right even though he died (terrible day). Why was is it that, he was going to drop The Big Picture in '99? His first album debuted in '95. Why did he take a 4 year hiatus? That's unsual.
3) Rakim: Even though it was only "rumored" that Rakim and Big Daddy Kane were going to have some sort of beef. Am I the only one who feels that "I Ain't No Joke" (the song rumored that was directed at BDK) would have been THE BEST DISS SONG EVER?! I mean just go and listen to that song and pretend he's talking about BDK. You'll defiantly see just how great of a diss track that "could" have been.
4) Common: If Common's '07 release Finding Forever is as good as Be was. Who here (other than me) feels that Common should defiantly get maybe some sort of recognition in the top 10? I mean no one feels that now because truth be told, he really hasn't had the biggest influence on the game. But if we're going by just straight up skills and album quality. I defiantly feel he should be in. Maybe. Haha.

Here's Two Videos (Rakim- I Ain't No Joke and a "Boondocks" (not that movie the funny cartoon) where Gin Rummy (Samuel L. Jackson) tries to explain the unknown-unkown. Yeah.)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Knucklin' It Up

Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles is the truth. A simple statement I've been saying for a while. A member of the elite Gang Starr Foundation. Bumpy has been kickin' what us hip hop fans love since back in the day. With a new mixtape due July 20 titled Street Triumph and his new album due in the fall titled The American Black Man. It's a fact that the foxxx is ready for a comeback.

But what really got me thinkin' about Bumpy again is his interview on HipHopGame. The interview is on some real talk, not holdin' his tongue lingo. Defiantly check out the interview right here.

Where he discusses the issues of East Coast Hip Hop (A new and interesting perspective), the culture, Jay-Z, his life, etc.

Trust me the length of the interview is long but it's defiantly worth your while.

To Bumpy, I'mma defiantly be out there coppin' your new mixtape and album.

Props to NahRight for the set-up.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Underground Sunday!

Now Playing: Lawless Element - Rules Pt. 2

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Underground Detroit Group, Lawless Element- Rules Pt. 2

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Busta Rhymes: The Big Bang Album Review

The Big Bang, the latest Busta Rhymes release. Busta has defiantly changed. Different hair, different label (Aftermath), and different style. I say different style because on this album especially. Busta defiantly changed his way of rhyming. Not entirely, but for the most part. With this in mind, let's review.

Come Get You Some (Feat. Q-Tip and Marsha from Floetry)
Touch It
We Do It Over Here (Feat. Missy Elliot)
New York Shit (Feat. Swizz Beatz)
Been Through the Storm (Feat. Stevie Wonder)
In the Ghetto (Feat. Rick James)
Cocaina (Feat. Marsha from Floetry)
You Can't Hold the Torch (Feat. Q-Tip)
Goldmine (Feat. Raekwon the Chef)
I Love My Bitch (Feat. Kelis & Will.I.Am
Don't Get Carried Away (Feat. Nas)
They're Out to Get Me (Feat. Mr. Porter)
Get Down
I'll Do It All (Feat. LaToiya Williams)
Legend of the Fall Offs

Overall: Pretty decent album from Busta Bus. This album gets mixed reviews, but in my opinion I'd say it was a decent project. Has it's highs and lows. He doesn't have too much energy in these tracks is what people might miss. But I think it's just fine.

Total: 55/75 or a 73.3 or a C

The hot remix we've all seen, is not on this album. Bummer.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Old School Wednesday

Off the classic album, and debatably the greatest hip hop album of all time. Illmatic. One of Nas's singles, "It Ain't Hard to Tell". Well watch and enjoy.

Today Marks The Official Beginning of Summer

Well today is summer. For me, I still have one day left of school. The anticipation for this is overwhelming. School takes a toll on me, and I really need a break. I plan on going on vacation with family and friends. Be with some of my good girl friends, and friends, and just "kick back relax and let myself go".

Summer also is a hot season for Hip Hop. With all the bangers being a summer thing, let's see what's due to come out this summer.

Nas: Hip Hop is Dead
Raekwon the Chef: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2
Joe Budden: The Growth
DMX: The Year of the Dog...Again
Lloyd Banks: Rotten Apple
Boot Camp Clik: The Last Stand
Papoose: The Nacirema Dream

This is all I can recall at the moment. All of these albums (if they come out) I will defiantly check and most likely give a review for.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ice Cube: Laugh Now, Cry Later Album Review

Ice Cube: Laugh Now, Cry Later

All right well, I'm not much of the reviewer. In fact all I do is go by a rating system. Don't really feel like going through an entire track description. No. Well okay here we go.

Definition of a West Coast G' (Intro)
Why We Thugs
Smoke Some Weed
Dimes & Nicks (A Call From Mikes Epps)
Child Support
2 Decades Ago [Insert]
Doin' What It Pose 2Do
Laugh Now, Cry Later
Stop Snitchin'
Go to Church (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil' Jon)
The Nigga Trap
A History of Violence [Insert]
Growin' Up
Click, Clak- Get Back!
The Game Lord
Chrome & Paint (Feat. WC)
Steal the Show
You Gotta Lotta That (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
Spittin' Pollaseeds (Feat. WC & Kokane)
Holla @ Cha Boy

Overall: This is a pretty strong effort to show the Hip Hop fans that this once deadly lyricist on top of the game still has it. Sure he's not the same Ice Cube from AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted or Death Certificate. However, this album is still pretty nice in it's entirety.

Total Score: 59/80= 73.75 or a C

Nas- Where Ya'll At

Nas: Where Ya'll At

Nas comes straight out of the dungeons of rap with this new joint.

I once read an interview that Nas wanted to "expand his fanbase with this new album. Get the fans that he deserves." Right away when I heard this I was certain Nas was going to go '98 Hov on us. However on this track he proves to keep it real.

I just can hope that Nas brings this same fire on his upcoming album "Hip Hop is Dead".

Props to NahRight on the track.

Monday, June 19, 2006

2Pac- Hit 'Em Up

Yes the classic 2Pac diss with shots fired at the East Coast. Specifically Notorious B.I.G., and the whole Bad Boy family. Well I did some researching and I found out the real way this diss song was made. Yeah 2Pac you can't out smart me, props to Barney.

The Cousin of Death

Hello, welcome to my blog. You can call me Sleep. A little biography about me is that I'm an aspiring poet who also happens to be an emcee. While I've never spit on a mic yet, I'm mastering my craft as a textcee. Elevating my rhymes one bar at a time. However this blog will mostly focus on Hip Hop news, my point of views, thoughts. Yeah pretty much this whole blog will be dedicated to Hip Hop.

So come by and stop often leave some feedback and enjoy my entries.